Three big-brained men (two of them v@xxed) discuss their awakening to the “anomalies” around how the “Science” and Medicine” have been handled in regard to the alleged pandemic. This video includes Dr. Robert Malone, an  mRNA technology developer, Brett Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist, and Steve Kirsch, a serial entrepreneur, who has been working to get an emergency use authorization for ivermectin.  The original video gathered over 200,000 views before being banned by YouTube, yet is still visible via some smaller platforms.  This is great one to share with your thinking friends.  The problem is that it’s three hours long.  There’s a 1 hour long edit available here at Children’s Health Defense.

Take a look at Steve Kirsch’s famous “Should You Get Vaccinated?” who says that these injections have likely killed over 25,800 Americans.