Since being diagnosed with Covid-19,  hospitalized, and then double “vaccinated”, a dear family member is exhibiting serious cognitive impairment.  This broke my heart.  Then, I was delighted to learn that these cognitive issues are thought to be caused by brain inflammation caused by the spike proteins.  I was doubly delighted to learn that this kind of brain inflammation is said to be treatable by off-label use of a well-tested drug called Fluvoxamine.

Fluvoxamine Brain Inflammation Reduction Short clips explaining the story of the suppressed use of Fluvoxamine.
Three versions, to fit the time available to the viewer
3 minute edit, bare minimum of explanation:

7 minute edit, including discussion of relevant “anomalies”:

7.5 minute edit, including more context and discussion of “anomalies”:

JAMA article referenced above: JAMA