Stay Informed. Show Up. Speak Up.

Santa Barbara Unified  School District Regular Board Meetings Schedule

  • September 28 
  • October 12 
  • October 26

Here is the agenda:

The risk for Covid complications do not warrant mandates for an expired experimental treatment for the young and healthy. That’s why, at each school board meeting, many concerned citizens are speaking (see below on how you can sign up to make a comment) while others are gathering with signs in the parking lot at the meeting since they do not permit entry of citizens due to Covid

When: Show up outside at 5:30 at every meeting to grow our visible opposition to this mandate. 

Where: 720 Santa Barbara St., Santa Barbara, CA  93101

How: Bring signs, stay peaceful and focused on the issue of medical freedom. Do not call names or be impolite. Remain grounded in science and share your personal story. It is critical to remain peaceful during these times. School board members and others will not respond well to anger or empty threats. 

Not everyone must speak but we all MUST show up for our children. Maybe they’ve already made up their minds, but we still must speak up.

Show up, do not be discouraged by their lack of empathy. We need our opposition on record no matter the immediate outcome. This is only one critical piece of our work to unite our community for a common cause – freedom from medical mandates.

👀 Watch the meeting live:

Speaking Up:

You can sign up to make comments by Tuesday on the day of the meeting which is held on Zoom and is televised live. You can prepare for Zoom comments on mobile devices, or to have the best shot at logging in you can attend by home. In order to make a public comment during the next School Board Meeting, you must fill out a request before 12:00pm on Tuesday, the day of the meeting. Here is the link:

You may comment on any item on the agenda and also make a general public comment. If you are a parent of the district you should start becoming familiar with the agenda and how to navigate BoardDocs. 

Agenda Items to Comment on & Suggestions for Comments:

D.9. General Public Comment:

  • Ignoring community input 
  • Failing Test Scores
  • Lack of Transparency 
  • Request in-person board meetings 
  • Anything you are passionate about (not Covid-related) or other agenda items

G.1 Covid 19 Report 6pm (Time Certain)

  • Share your concerns about anything Covid-related

President Ford and her self-titled “Partner in Crime”, Board Member Laura Capps, are making decisions about the lives and livelihoods of thousands in their hands behind closed doors.  They have pledged allegiance to the Federal government’s $35 million dollars in Covid funding while disregarding public opinion, federal and state laws, and the health of our children.  

Here is the link to the interview with the two leading SB school board members where they are triumphant about mandating vaxxes for teachers/staff in SB district (which includes Goleta and SB grades 7-12). They also announce their intent to pass mandates for ages 12+ within the next six weeks. This means in about 6 weeks the public schools will require the vaccine for all students 12 and up.

A special meeting will be held behind closed doors with Kate Ford and Laura Capps within the next 6 weeks and then they will call a special meeting like the one this week in order to mandate vaccines for ages 12 and up to attend school.

To see how one woman addressed the issue in her state of Indiana, watch this: