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On Tuesday, July 13 (this week) OSHA will be holding a Sub Committee hearing for Covid-19 prevention from 10am to 1pm. Agenda Item 2B is “Outbreak Data Briefing”

This is the same board who’s Chairman, David Thomas, stammered “…I just want to add that um I’m vaccinated. The vaccine, as far as I know works and hasn’t, nobody’s died from it and uh I think that uh just want to make the statement that um if you haven’t been vaccinated I wish that you would seriously consider it. Because I think it’s probably the most important thing you can do for yourself in these circumstances you know regarding the mask, regarding everything else, the controls once you’re vaccinated. I just think you’ve uh it, it uh alleviates all that anxiety and uh suffering that people go through not knowing…”

This statement was made in ignorance or maliciousness. VAERS in the United States has reported over 9000 deaths with hundreds of thousands more adverse reactions. The United Kingdom’s system has reported over 16,000 deaths. VAERS numbers are low because it requires doctors to take the time out of their day to report. This is harder than it sounds as they miss a lot and tend to report only the most obvious reactions.

How can this one board make the health decisions for millions with this false assumption from Chairman David Thomas?

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