SBCC Alert

SBCC board members will be a holding a “special” meeting this week to vote on whether to mandate vaccines on SBCC campus to all STAFF, STUDENTS, and anyone who wants to be on campus. They have already voted NO on this topic twice , but since the last vote , the Superintendent Dr. Goswami was bullied into stepping down from his position because he did NOT want to mandate vaccines. They have replaced him and it appears that the shift of power will be enough to secure their mandate… that is, unless we can all show up in some way that compels them to stop forcing this topic on our college students. 

Dr Peter O. Haslund, President, Area 1

Kate Parker, Vice President

Robert K Miller, Area 2

Veronica Gallardo, Area 3

Dr. Anna Everett, Area 4

Marsha S Croninger, Area 5

Jonathan Abboud, Area 6

Dr Helen Benjamin, President