Here are some protocols from Dr Clement Lee from  Optimal Health & Wellness. While these protocols can be effective, these recommendations do not constitute a doctor’s visit. If you have any serious issues please see your doctor as soon as possible. 

Prevention protocol:

Zinc: 25mg/day (make sure you take zinc with food!)
Vitamin A: 10,000iu per day
Vitamin D: 5,000-10,000iu per day
NAC: 600-900mg per day
Quercetin: 250mg per day
Vitamin C: 1,000mg per day Iodine: 200mcg per day
L-Glutathione: 250mg per day  

Active exposure protocol:

Zinc: 50-100mg per day in divided doses (make sure you take zinc with food!)
Vitamin A: 50,000-100,000iu per day for about 5-7 days
Vitamin D: 50,000iu per day for 5-7 days
NAC: 600-900mg 2 times per day 
Quercetin: 250mg 2 times per day
Vitamin C: 1,000-2,000mg every 2-4 hours or up to bowel tolerance
Andrographis: 200mg 2 times per day
Melatonin: 10-20mg per night
Iodine: 1-6mg per day
L-Glutathione: 250mg 2 times per day


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