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💥💥SBUSD Board Meeting Aug 10 💥

By August 9, 2021October 6th, 2021No Comments

Meeting time: Tuesday August 10 5:30pm Signup by 12:00 Tuesday to speak

Meeting Link

Report, next morning:
We made an impact! Some of it was heartbreaking, though, like this report from Julie, who just lost a family member to The Clot Shot.
When they cut her off, they reveal that they don’t serve Our People, they serve someone or something else, no?

There’s a lot more to report about this meeting, so check back later. This is just the start. – Jerome

Full meeting as published on YouTube:

💥If you are a doctor, nurse, lawyer, parent, student, grandparent, business owner, vaccine injured, vaccine remorseful, or even a concerned citizen, use your voice to speak out for our children. This is the time we all come together for truth! You must stand up now!

The SBUSD School Board continues to ignore public input and makes their own biased ideological decisions no matter the cost to education. 

They allow teachers and staff to come to board meetings to berate parents and cheer their biased decisions and then even thank them by name. 

Covid restrictions have allowed them to keep parents away from the table. They will keep it like this as long as possible. 

They now have the tool of labeling any dissent as “misinformation” and ignore facts from the CDC and others if it goes against their ideology. 

We know they will not listen to our pleas but we must document our dissenting opinions at the board meeting. This will help with recalls and lawsuits moving forward. 

Sign up by 12:00 on Tuesday to speak on the link below.

The meeting will have 2 places you can comment. You can sign up for 1 or both. Plan to speak for 2 mins per comment. 

👉🏼You may comment on item C9, General Public Comment, on anything but Covid related items. 

👉🏼You may comment on item F1,

Covid Board Report, for anything Covid related. 

C9 – General Public Comment Ideas:

– Ignoring community input 

– Teen Talk Curriculum 


– Failing Test Scores

– Lack of Transparency 

– Anything you are passionate about not related to Covid guidelines

F1 – Covid Update 

– Voice your dissent for any vaccine mandate or testing of asymptotic children and staff. 

– Tell your story, make them understand the effects of their decisions. 

– Ask questions that should be answered to have informed consent. (they will not answer) 

There is only more school board meeting before our children are back in class. 

SBUSD August 10th 630pm

GUSD  August 11th 630pm

Please watch for more info this week and we also will be having a zoom training with q&a at least one time before next Tuesday. 


– Recruit people for the meetings. We need EVERYONE to dig deep and have the courage to stand for truth. 

– Start writing a speech this is 2-3 mins, be ready for 2 min if we have a lot signed up. 

– Email Board Members, be polite and accurate. Short emails can be impactful. See Pined Message #2 on Stand UP SB Telegram for addresses. 

– Clear your schedule for both nights of you can.

Some Question Ideas 

– Who will pay for vaccine injuries and deaths if they are required by the district to work or achieve an education? 

– Because this is a trial, how many local injuries and deaths are acceptable before policy is revisited? 

– What tests will be used since the PCR is being recalled by the FDA? How will they be administered? How long will testing keep kids out of school? How long does it take to get the results? What happens in the meantime?

– What medical data was used during the drafting of the resolution? Please communicate such data.

This week we are going to show up in person to both the SBUSD and GUSD meetings and will also have callers zoom in to make public comments. If you go in person and want to speak you will need to use zoom on a mobile device. Please see the action items for each board for sign up instructions and more details .

This will be a peaceful and orderly protest. Bring a chair and warm clothes as it may go late. Bring signs if desired.


Kate Ford, President

Rose Munoz, Vice President

Wendy Simms-Moten, Clerk

Virginia Alverez, Member

Laura Capps, Member

Let’s remember that Kate Ford and Laura Capps took credit for writing this op-ed piece.

So your typist will give a little opinon piece now: Kate Ford and Laura Capps unwittingly perform the stereotypical role of the mid-wit. Intelligent enough to see what the Regime Narrative is, intelligent enough to know that by going along with that Narrative, and pushing it “a little further” to prove that they are “virtuous”, they can climb the social hierarchy. They can think of themselves a virtuous despite the actual, real harm they inflict on innocent children and parents and future generations they are responsible for. Sadly, such harm-enabling midwits have taken over academia. For a fun video analysis of this, enjoy: