Mass Formation. Have you heard of it? Well it’s time you had.

It’s so upsetting to see what’s happened to our once smart and balanced – and even evolved – friends and family during this crazy time. It’s hard to fathom how it started, but there is a sociological explanation. All we have to do is look to history.

This journey toward totalitarianism has happened before to groups of people and countries worldwide. And no, it doesn’t end well. But where does it begin?

The lockdown of critical thinking seems to begin with Mass Formation: a phenomenon characterized by repression and strong control of the economy, large-scale censorship and mass surveillance, limited freedom of movement, and the use of state terrorism.

To varying degrees, all of these governmental characteristics have indeed been, and are being, exhibited in many Western nations such as Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and in some US states like New York and California in response to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.

Professor Dr. Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology in Ghent in Belgium is a leading expert on the psychology of tyranny and totalitarianism. He explains how this crowd hypnosis forms:

Mass Formation is possible when a large portion of the population experiences free-floating discontent, anxiety, and burnout.

In the last few years, detachment from others and depersonalizing people has been largely blamed on a few influences: social media, working too hard, being distracted, pharmaceuticals for depression and anxiety, and resulting stress. These conditions prime a society for the deep hypnosis. Then the ideology touted by government officials and the mainstream media involving deaths, sickness, contagions, the pandemic, the vaccinations, takes hold and becomes the “objects of anxiety.”

The people who bought into the narrative began to feel as if their lives had new meaning. There was a sense of solidarity as as the actions against COVID helped to soothe the masses’ anxiety. which tends to cause people to be oblivious to the harm being inflicted on them, and the harm that the ideology causes due to de-humanizing those who do not agree with the Mass Formation.

Totalitarianism always starts with Mass Formation inside the population. (It is not the same as dictatorship. In a dictatorship people obey due to a basic fear of the dictator at the top. Totalitarianism is the opposite.) In Totalitarianism, people are hypnotized into the obedience “for the good of the collective.”

Mass Formation needs four conditions to simultaneously occur in a population.

1. Large numbers of socially isolated people (those engaging in life through devices, video games, and social media.)

2. A lack of purpose and meaning in one’s life (such as high levels of burnout due to work and financial responsibilities coupled with the anti-anxiety and anti depressants people are on.)

3. Abundance of free-floating anxiety and psychological discontent.

4. Corrupt mass media posed and ready to deliver the methodical propaganda to create the Mass Formation.

Dr. Desmet says the ‘crystallizing’ action of Mass Formation occurs when a large numbers of discontented, anxious, confused, and isolated people simultaneously and suddenly seize upon some single apparent threat and give it their entire attention and energy to that threat, then they are fed a particular solution to create protection against it.

This is how our smart and compassionate friends and family are dumbed down and are unable to bear differing opinions.

When this happens, it’s like a hypnosis: one’s personality disappears, and there is an intolerance of dissenting or different voices. Critical, rational, and logical thought no longer exists. A response of “I can’t talk about this with you,” while being intolerant, mean, and condescending is common.

Those who are hypnotized don’t want to even hear any questioning or be challenged because if they did wake up, the “terrible anxiety” would return. That’s why they dehumanize and dismiss those who were once friends, colleagues, or family members. It’s all in the name of protecting themselves from being exposed to a different perspective.

Those on the side of this Mass Formation are working tirelessly to prevent the masses from waking up. Fortunately, history does indeed repeat itself, and historically, organizers of a Mass Formation ultimately have been destroyed by those they hypnotized,. Once they wake up and see the true damage and loss of family, freedom, relationships, peace, and health, they will be angry at those who promoted the damaging narrative, and very likely will kill those leaders.

We’re in the middle of the Mass Formation and it’s a dire social crisis. Each of us has a part to play. Professor Desmet explains….

Right now, 30% of us are deeply hypnotized. 40% are not hypnotized but go along with the crowd (if this 40% stops hearing dissenting voices of reason, they are likely to unite with the hypnotized.) Then some of us belong to another group – that group the 30% who cannot be hypnotized.

The unhypnotized 30% are a mixed band of different groups and varied religion and politics. If we don’t find common ground to unite – we lose. And, without the brave and continued voices of dissent, those 40% fall prey to the Mass Formation and will get in line. That is why it is so necessary to keep speaking out, in any way you can.

Professor Desmet says the hypnotism and mass formation he now sees is a condition likely leading to totalitarianism.

With totalitarianism, when the last voices of dissent give up and become silent – the masses of once-normal people begin to commit atrocities – hypnotized into thinking they are righteous and doing it in the name of solidarity of the collective. An example of this is the mandated experimental vaccination of our young children. And the payments that government use to incentivize them.

Mass Hypnosis is in formation, it’s not completely here yet, so, there is hope.

Each of us has to do something. You don’t have to say a lot or do a lot. I know it can be scary, so do what you can.

  • Go out of your way to connect with someone.
  • Take off your mask and look someone in the eyes and smile.
  • Share what you believe to anyone you come across – the cashier, people at the gas station, visitors to the farmers market, the repairman, etc. No need to convince or argue, simply state your opinion or stand.
  • Here’s what you can say: “None of this makes sense”, “The data says something different”, “Have you tried a different search engine?” “How do you know this is true?” “Do you have any research to back that up?”
  • Post comments on your FB page.
  • Join a group of people who think like you so you can stay sane.

If each of us takes action and shares our hearts with everyone we meet, giving voice to an alternative perspective to the current narrative — the mass dissolves and the crisis is ended. At least it’s a possibility!

I am joining you in this fight for freedom. Even when I want to completely give up, I realize how important it is to stay cool, kind, and vocal.





Freedom lover


  • BDBinc says:

    Yes indeed its time to wake up.
    For the collective unconscious, the hive mind is programmed by media.

  • April Wilson says:

    Thank you Sam for continuing to support people’s freedom to choose. Your bravery makes a big difference. I want to share this with my friend who you met who has two grandchildren in SB school system who will likely be vaccinated because the whole family is already brainwashed even though my friend continues to believe she’s doing the right thing. She has a heart of gold. There are so many who have been jabbed who continue to teach and study awakening. How can we bring those people along who truly have good hearts but unfortunately “drank the koolaid?”